About us

Our Story 01

Our Story

Over two decades of experience

VETNexus was founded in 2018 by Kerri Buttery who has been working in the Vocational Education
and Training (VET) sector since the 1990s. Kerri’s career in education began as a qualified secondary
school teacher delivering VET in Schools (VETiS) programs in Queensland. Roles included Classroom
Teacher, Head of Department, Careers Counsellor and RTO Manager, with a particular focus on both
Vocational Education and Training and the beginnings of eLearning. Kerri went on to become an auditor in the VET Sector and moved across as a consultant to assist RTOs with maintaining compliance and developing quality eLearning solutions.

Our Beliefs 02

Our Beliefs

Commitment to lifelong learning

Kerri Buttery, the Founder and Director of VETNexus, is passionate about education at all levels and
shows a dedicated commitment to and belief in lifelong learning.
VETNexus is built on this belief that we all continue to learn, and most importantly, we learn from
each other. Social and collaborative learning is the cornerstone of many effective learning programs
in the 21 st Century and we strive to follow this not only in our formal training programs, but in every
day life as learners.

Our Partners 03

Our Partners

A Nexus is the centre-point of a series of connections

VETNexus works in close collaboration with a range of trusted partners. This improves our capacity
for meeting the needs of our clients while at the same time maintaining our own quality standards
through collaboration and drawing on the expertise of others in our network. Even if you’re looking
for something that is not on our list of services – if it is RTO or Canvas related please contact us! It
may be on our to-do list, or we may be able to put you in touch with the perfect person for the job.

Our Services

Where VET meets eLearning and beyond

John started his career in education and training over 40 years ago. He became a TAFE Queensland Professional Development Coordinator and mentored many new TAFE teachers through their Diploma in Technical and Further Education. Since then he has assisted hundreds of organisations to gain registration as an RTO against the training standards established in the 1990s through to today, and regularly assists RTOs to maintain compliance of their quality system through internal auditing and in-house professional development. He currently presents nationally and internationally on a range of professional development topics to assist trainers and assessors to maintain their current skills and knowledge in vocational teaching and learning. John is a co-founder and partner of The VET Gurus.
Kerri has worked in the Australian Vocational Education and Training sector for more than two decades. In that time, she has undertaken roles such as trainer/assessor, RTO Compliance Manager, Senior Lead Auditor and has extensive experience as a VET compliance consultant including the delivery of professional development services through workshops, webinars, online courses and conferences. Kerri also provides consulting services in the use of the Canvas LMS by Instructure to develop online courses. She is the Director of VETNexus and co-founder and partner of The VET Gurus.
Angela McGregor has first-hand experience in the vocational education and training (VET) sector, having worked as a registered training organisation (RTO) consultant since 1999 as well as owning her own RTO for 9 years. She has provided consulting services to new and existing RTOs and her extensive experience includes RTO set up, assistance with compliance, auditing, professional development, accredited course development and assessment design, validation and review. Angela is a co-founder and partner of The VET Gurus.