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16 April – Talking About the TAS: Episode 3

There is so much to talk about! This is the third in a series of webinars that staff of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) need to attend. This episode focuses on the requirements in the TAS.

Developing strategies to assist in managing a business have always been incorporated in good business practice. So, it wasn’t a surprise back in 2001 when the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) was introduced that RTOs had to develop ‘strategies’ for managing the delivery and assessment of all of their training products.
They were called Learning and Assessment Strategies (LAS) in those days, and at another stage called Delivery and Assessment Strategies (DAS), now known as Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS) and every revision of the Standards have continued to require the TAS to illustrate the controls in place in every RTO to manage the ‘What’, ‘Where’, Why’, ‘Who’, ‘How’ and ‘When’ for every training product on their scope of registration.

What has been a surprise, has been the continuing levels of non-compliances that are identified at audit associated with the TAS. This document is the cornerstone of how training products are delivered, and one of the most critical documents in an RTO as it links many different aspects together to illustrate how a program will be delivered.

There is more to it that you think!