General Consulting

RTO Consulting Services

The intent with the Standards for RTOs 2015 and the student-centred audit module is to aim for training organisations to be compliant at all times. Our general consulting services exist to assist RTOs with meeting this aim – to provide advice about various aspects of compliance and business practice that don’t generally ‘fit into a box’ of our services.

These services are broad and varied and could potentially include:

  • Purchasing a block of time to draw on as needed for ongoing advice (similar to a retainer)
  • Sending through some documents to be reviewed
  • Asking for a template or policy to be developed
  • Developing compliant learning resources or compliant assessment resources
  • Accredited course development
  • One-on-one time with staff (including trainers)
Get your Solutions

Get your Solutions

Call or email us with your questions and requirements then through our general consulting services we can work out a tailored solution for your organisation with one of our RTO consultants.

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