Delivering Training Under Supervision Template




Trainers and Assessors must demonstrate how they meet the requirements of Clauses 1.14/1.15 of Standard 1 of the Standards for RTOs 2015. It is the RTO’s responsibility to capture how each trainer and/or assessor meets these requirements.
In the case of an experienced trainer holding TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment who has not upgraded to meet the new requirements from 1 July 2019, this can mean they are no longer able to train unless they are working under supervision.
When trainers do not meet these requirements, they are required to work under supervision.
“1.17 Where the RTO, in delivering training and assessment, engages an individual who is not a trainer or assessor, the individual works under the supervision of a trainer and does not determine assessment outcomes.” – Standards for RTOs 2015
Supervision arrangements should be clearly documented and this ‘Delivering Training Under Supervision’ template makes it clear what the requirements are that an experienced trainer (holding TAE40110 and a relevant skill set) needs to hold to work under supervision.
The template also provides guidance on the types of supervision activities that can take place and the evidence that could be retained of implementation of the supervision arrangement.


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