Desk & Site Audits

Desk and Site Audits

RTOs are required to ensure effective systematic monitoring and evaluation of the RTOs training and assessment strategies and practices. One way of achieving this is through conducting regular reviews and audits of materials related to the delivery of training and assessment, as well as other practices such as marketing, recruitment of learning, enrolment process, human resources and certification.

While RTOs are able to do this themselves, it is always smart business practice to engage an external party, such as a consultant, every now and then to undertake these internal reviews and audits to ensure there is a fresh perspective on how things are done and whether compliance requirements are being met. This objective and informed view can provide valuable feedback to the RTO on how practices can be improved for their RTO and in turn their students.

Our audits follow the current student-centred approach and focus on the Standards for RTOs 2015, however, we do have consultants in our network who are able to undertake CRICOS audits. Contact us for more information.